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Life can be difficult sometimes and especially if you are 12 and you can’t process what’s happened. Sarah’s services were recommended to us by a friend and I have never been more grateful. My daughter, who accessed Sarah’s counselling has found immeasurable benefit from the support, guidance and help Sarah has offered. To have such a patient, kind dedicated professional who you can trust wither personal and sometimes upsetting truths and who guides you through a process of healing and realisation is a gift I can never repay. Under Sarah’s expert guidance, my daughter has blossomed and found some peace in her storm. The flexibility Sarah has offered means she can still seek help when she needs it. Getting in touch with Sarah and accessing her services has changed our lives and I am eternally grateful.

Sam Belsey

“I have worked with Sarah for 4 years and she always brings a smile into the room. Her work with our young people is invaluable and she puts everything she has into helping them. To say she makes a difference to their lives is an understatement”

Lisa Davies, King Edward VI School, Lichfield

“I have so much to owe to Sarah, her support got me through one of the hardest times and made me realise so much more about myself that, to this day, I still think about. I fully recommend Sarah, even just for a chat to get your feelings in the open and to know you’re not alone”

Hannah Green, Lichfield

“Sarah has encouraged me to create artwork which has helped me work through my feelings which I was finding difficult to express, this has been a massive help and it was super fun too!”

Anon, Lichfield

Sarah has been my counsellor for over a year now. Sarah has mainly helped me with bereavement but has supported me with other issues I face with my mental health through talking sessions and providing me with reading resources. She is friendly and easy to talk to and I’m grateful for her help”

Anon, Lichfield

“The first time I saw Sarah was almost 5 years ago and it was the best decision I ever made, she’s so friendly and easy to talk to and has helped me through a lot of my darkest times. She has also helped me to develop healthy coping mechanisms I can use for the rest of my life. I’m almost unrecognisable to how I was back in 2015 and I will forever be grateful”

Daisy, Burntwood

My experience with Sarah really helped me become who I wanted to be and to understand myself more. She’s always made me feel comfortable and safe whilst working with her”

Georgia, Lichfield

“5/5 Learnt so much, hopefully will help me mentoring my students

Fatyah, Malaysia (Online Accredited Counselling Course)

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