Covid-19 Thank you!

So, how are you all holding up?

I’m ok… getting used to the new normal imposed on us and getting to quite like some of it (show me an introvert who doesn’t want to stay at home and do introverted things!)

Well, now the schools have closed, I’m one of the thousands of self-employed people in the UK, along with my husband who have had their earnings abruptly stopped and I eagerly await the Chancellor’s announcement to help us pay our mortgage, oh and eat, probably in that order.

I’m eighty thousandth in the queue to claim my £94 a week but I try to keep smiling as I’m one of life’s optimists! My husband isn’t and hates it.

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So, I thought I’d do something to help out the young adults (and older adults) who are currently sitting at home and wondering what the hell to do with their building anxiety.

I started a YouTube Channel!!!!!!!!

Check out my YouTube Channel here!

Let’s remember that there is always going to be someone worse off than us and share a smile.

I went for my one piece of exercise today and made a conscious effort to smile at very person I saw! and do you know what? They all smiled back!

Spend 1 minute being thankful for what you have! Switch off your phone, look out the window and watch the birds. They remind us that life goes on.  Because it does

Stay Home – Help the NHS (which we are blessed to have) – Save lives

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Robins and Trees – a Soulful Journey

IMG_0291This afternoon, my husband asked me if I wanted to go for a walk. Of course! any excuse to enjoy the lovely winter sunshine. And I got so much more from it than I had imagined.

The sun glistened through the ramrod straight trees and sprinkled its golden glitter on the streams and ponds. Dogs frolicked through the muddy puddles and parents laughed with their children as they shared an experience. A corridor of trees enticed us and gently swayed and creaked as we obliged. The forest thanked us by revealing a beautiful sight. A solitary blue-green Douglas Fur (pictured above) standing tall and proud like a peacock. It was as if the tree knew we were watching it in awe and we loved it.

IMG_0287A soft stream tinkled over shale and small rocks and we hopped across it like children.

IMG_5408 (002)I clambered atop a giant chair and bruised my rear sitting on the unforgiving iron seat, but we still laughed as children watched me, waiting for their turn.

As we walked hand in hand, talking about nothing in particular, smiling and greeting those who knew the secret too, I felt I was in a place where all was good with the World.

As the end of our walk drew near, the sun was low in the sky and the moon was already visible as if to say, “thank you but you have to go now so that you can appreciate what you have seen”.

I turned to respond to a sweet tweeting and was distracted by squirrels running up and down the trees, collecting the treasures from picnic tables long since abandoned. Tweet, tweet, it was insistent and then, there he was, puffed up and full of attitude, staring back me.

IMG_0294“Don’t forget me” he seemed to say, and he waited patiently whilst I fumbled with my phone to catch his image.

IMG_5407 (002)Today, I truly fed my soul.


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