Let them Try – Can Young Adults Change the World?

Last week was a very challenging one in my day job. One of my lovely Schools had to deal with a very tragic event which rocked the school and its students. The school was exemplary in its handling of the situation and had already accessed all relevant crisis support teams to help students out. As […]

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52 – 48% Do the Pumpkins have it?

Double Double Toil and Trouble; Fire burn and Cauldron Bubble – William Shakespeare What does Halloween conjure up for you? For me? A happy memory of my Son and his friends dressing up and knocking on neighbours’ doors as we parents held a dutiful distance and drank wine from plastic cups. For some, a blasphemous […]

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Happy Holidays???

Well, that’s it now! School is officially out for the summer as the amazing Alice cooper once said – apologies for the ear bug!! As a school counsellor, my work does not always end when school ends. Increasingly, I find myself working with children who are making the scary transition from Primary School to High […]

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