Get down off the Hook!

My article today is about sticking with things and seeing them through to the end, even if it seems like a never ending slog! I’m speaking today about my career as a counsellor of young adults but also about following my lifelong dream of becoming a writer. When I decided that I wanted to become […]

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Happy Holidays???

Well, that’s it now! School is officially out for the summer as the amazing Alice cooper once said – apologies for the ear bug!! As a school counsellor, my work does not always end when school ends. Increasingly, I find myself working with children who are making the scary transition from Primary School to High […]

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Why Introverts might love January

Phew, thank goodness that’s over for another year!! I have an INFJ personality type. It is said that I am the rarest personality type with less than 1% of “me’s” in the World population! I think that’s pretty cool but it does cause problems when I talk about my introversion to my amazing Extroverted friends […]

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