1. Find Somewhere Quiet

This could be a quiet area of a room, the park, your garden, etc. anywhere that you can feel comfortable and not be disturbed.

By consciously taking time out to be quiet, you can do wonders. Your body will feel restored and focussed. The more you try this technique, the quicker you will achieve results as your mind and body anticipate what is to come.

  1. Summon Your Monkeys

Breathing is much more important and complex than we realise and has long been a fascination for scientists, medics, mystics etc. Just as incorrect breathing creates an undesired effect on you, correct and focussed breathing helps to restore the balance.

You can change your breathing in an instant by calling on your Monkeys!

Breathe in, to the count of three monkeys (one monkey, two monkeys, three monkeys)

Hold your breath for three monkeys

Finally, exhale your breath from your lower tummy for three monkeys

This type of breathing may feel uncomfortable at first and you may feel a little dizzy so make sure you are sitting in a safe place before your start.

This exercise can be done any time and can be done as a stand-alone thing to help calm your breathing if you feel anxious.

Stay with your monkey breathing for longer if you need to. You can start it again if you start to feel anxious again.

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