About Sarah

Hi my name is Sarah Terry…

In my day job, I’m a counsellor working with teenagers, mostly aged between 11 and 18. I’ve been doing this for quite some time now and increasingly, I find that there are re-occurring themes for many teenagers. I also feel that many of the amazing individuals that work with them would love to know more about what makes them tick.

That’s why I’ve decided to create this site in order to have a point of reference where young people or those that work closely with them, can get some advice and also encourage others to share their stories.

I follow national and also school guidelines around ethical and safe practice so I’m always aware of giving sound advice and directing people to more knowledgeable websites if required. It’s important to stress that this site and its articles are based around my experiences and the experiences of others who agree to contribute. It’s our opinion from our perspective so feel free to disagree or, more importantly share your views in an honest way. That’s all we’re doing.

Here’s a bit of info about my background…

I didn’t fall into love with work until 10 years ago. Following many years working in administrative and later, project management roles; with a very short spell of maternity leave in between, I decided to pursue my life long dream of training to become a counsellor. It was a busy time, as well as studying; I was working and looking after my son but I was always supported by my husband.

After completing my training which took 4 years, I was working here and there in GP practices. I was offered a job as a school counsellor during this time and the rest is, sort of, history.

I now work in schools local to where I live. As this is my own business, I get lots of autonomy in my work. This is important to me and serves my INFJ personality type well.

Working with teenagers in the 21st Century brings with it many challenges and even more rewards. there are , however, common issues facing our young people such as anxiety, low mood or depression, self harm, bullying, exam or work stress, bereavement, family issues etc.

I also passionately love and follow information, articles and websites relating anything “personality”! I love the way that humans interact and am fascinated by the differences in us all – and the similarities. So if you think you might be a Highly Sensitive Person, an Empath or an Introvert or even if you feel things intuitively and want to know more, pop over to my #INFJ etc. page and let me know what you think.

I hope that my features will be of some help.

Sarah x

I'm still trying to crack the Social "thing" but I'd love you to follow and connect with me here