Christmas Survival Guide – Top Tips for the Festive period

As I type this blog, I hope that when I look back on it one day soon, it will seem like a bad dream which is well and truly in the past!

December 2020 is going to be the most difficult year many of us have ever had as we prepare to spend time alone or with only our household family members.

Here are my Top Tips for survival this year…

  1. Get some perspective

As difficult as this year will be for many, we have to try and remember that people have endured far worse and for far longer than us. We are staying apart so that we can be together again, hopefully quite soon. We have hope, there is light! As I type, over 500,000 people have been vaccinated in the UK with thousands adding each day.

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Spare a thought for those who have endured far worse in war-torn countries past and present with no end in sight. Losing loved ones and having nowhere to live. Then there are the homeless and the sick who will spend Christmas alone.

Think of your own circumstances and smile! We have much to be thankful for in the Western World at least. We have food in our bellies, TV to binge and our feet to take us on a bracing winter walk.

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2. Stop Blaming others

It’s easy to blame the Government or the prime players in your conspiracy theory for what we are all going through.

Use this experience to remind us that as clever as we think we are as humans, we will always be at the mercy of Mother Nature.

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Get out and appreciate her! If you’re stuck at home, try a bird watching hour over a warming cuppa to remind you that life does and will go on!

3. Use Technology

There are few households who do not have internet access these days. Make the effort to set aside some time over the Festive period to check in with family and friends, especially those who are alone!

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If you don’t have access to technology, or know someone that doesn’t, how about making some home-made cakes or cards and delivering them with a warming message to remind others that they are not alone!

4. Make some noise!

If you have little ones, how about a family walk near where you live. Encourage your little darlings to shout happy messages and see how many people they can get to wave back at them?

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Whatever you decide to do, or decide not to do, remember the old saying…there is always someone worse off than you!

Sarah Terry is a School Counsellor and Author who works in Central England. Her interests include Counselling and Psychology, Personality Types, walking and Yoga and Meditation. Find out more here

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