You don’t know what you don’t know…

A saying I picked up from a good friend of mine and it just about sums up the situation of “Unconscious Incompetence” We are incompetent in something but we don’t even know we can’t do it yet! It hasn’t entered our World.

Let’s use the analogy of learning to drive a car…

Unconscious Incompetence – the stage at which we can’t drive and we don’t even know what we need to do to learn how to drive!

Conscious Incompetence – we are still unable (incompetent) to drive but we now realise what we need to do to become a driver!

Conscious Competence – we have now learned the skills (competent) but really have to “think” about what we are doing (turn the music down, I need to concentrate!)

Unconscious Competence – the time when we drive from A-B and don’t even remember how we got there! We are so competent we are unaware of what we need to do, as our sub-conscious does it for us!

Where are you in a particular area of your life? Where do you want to get to?

Unconscious Competence is the tip of the iceberg and Unconscious Incompetence is the power-house of possibility that lies beneath the surface!

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