Lockdown Support Bubbles! Extroverts Rejoice

Are you feeling the pinch…or lack of during Lockdown?

For Extroverts and those with Extroverted Feeling as a dominant cognitive function, these times have been extra hard. Particularly if you are single!

Recent announcements by the UK Government have meant that single people in the UK over 18 can choose a “Support Bubble” to become part of. this has meant a moment of euphoria for those who have been confined to their own four walls for weeks on end.

Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

Quiz nights, Zoom calls and Social Media can help but can also serve as a reminder of our own loneliness as we switch off and ask our four walls for some salvation. Even the recent UK announcement that up to 6 people can meet outside at a social distance has been a tantalising reminder that touch is not allowed.

As Lockdown slowly begins to ease and we tentatively step out into our New World, we should let the last few weeks serve as a reminder that Mother Nature is always in charge!

She has the power to give…and to take away!

We can adapt and indeed our extroverted nature meant that we manipulated technology in great ways to stay connected, we even joked about our situation and we made the changes we needed to so that we could stay ahead of the game.

But we should always remember, have respect for our fellow humans, and most of all this planet that we have on loan because it’s in charge!

Sarah Terry is a School Counsellor and Author who works in Central England. Her interests include Counselling and Psychology, Personality Types, Jogging and Yoga and Meditation. Find out more here

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