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In response to the large amount of FREE CONTENT you can access on my site and on my YouTube Channel, I’ve been asked to supply more personalised online services to you gorgeous people!

You asked and I responded so please check out my new service list here

And if you’re not sure… listen to what other people had to say here

In addition, I will soon be starting a revolution… well not really, just a bit of a community for like minded people to get together and share stuff that we all care about.

I’ll be asking for a very modest monthly contribution and the idea is that I can continue and grow and improve the FREE CONTENT for those who need it most!

So, if you can spare the cost of a coffee each month and you want to be part of something amazing which gives back to those a little less fortunate, watch this space!

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Sarah Terry is a School Counsellor and Author who works in Central England. Her interests include Counselling and Psychology, Personality Types, Jogging and Yoga and Meditation. Find out more here

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