Better to have loved and lost…

Anyone who has loved and lost a pet knows the heartache this can cause.

In these times of social distancing and isolation, pets are even more important to us. I’ve been thinking a lot about my precious dog who we lost just before Christmas and wanted to pay tribute to her and all the pets who change our lives every day…

Gypsy 1


You came to me when it was cold, but you were warm

Your eyes, defiant, black and offering me strength

The strength of a puppy, assured, knowing.

We rubbed along, you and me. I trained you, you trained me. I loved you and you loved me.

But I knew I was chosen, special. Your heart was not easily opened and you used those eyes to burn an indelible path from yours to mine.

I was powerless, a willing prisoner. Always yours, you held the key.

And all the time, we existed together, part of a family, those eyes would tell me our hearts were one.

Not every day. When you knew I needed it, the look would come.

Those times, do you remember? When we gazed and met each other’s hearts?

Those looks, for a second, a minute or an hour. It was you and me. Your strength inspired me, frustrated me when you refused to “tow the line”

You were always yourself first.

When they told me, I was in disbelief, you still looked as strong as ever. Still defiant.

They gave you weeks to months at most and then I would lose you, my strength, my Angel.

But you stayed. I became ill too and you stayed. Weeks, months and then a year. You were by my side when I needed those eyes, that heart, that strength.

Gypsy 2

I got better and life went on. You did not. I tried not to see what my eyes showed me. All I saw was your strength, your eyes, still defiant.

Your body was failing but your heart, your strength went on.

One day, you looked at me and I knew the time had come. You were asking me to give you one last gift.

How could I refuse? After all you had given to me?

Your body gave in quickly but I saw it my love, I saw your spirit run. As you galloped, the look was back! You gave me one last look as your spirit went free.

To remind me, that our hearts are bound – that day, today and always.

Gypsy 3


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