Second to None!

In this latest article in my personality series, we are going to inspect the second letter of your Four Letter personality type! If you still want to take the test you can do that here.

So the second letter will either be an “N” or an “S” and these letters are all about what we do with the information we get from the World.

N for iNtuitive

Intuitive types like to think about the past and the future to process information about what to do next. They prefer to ponder the “What ifs” of life. Intuitives tend to be Big Picture thinkers and will explore many differing theories before connecting the dots and coming to a conclusion.

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Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this means they are wishy washy in their thinking or find it difficult to make decisions. This is far from the truth.

It’s just that they think “around” things and integrate more factors into their thinking processes than Sensing types.

On the down side, Intuitives can struggle with more complex issues as they will often come to a conclusion very quickly and can appear to be out of touch or just generally confusing to others!

Where a situation requires drastic change, however, your Intuitive is your number one creative outside the box thinker!

S for Sensing

Conversely to the Intuitive type, the Sensor often has no regard for the past or present as they are clearly focused on the here and now. Sensors are able to think about the past and the future but only in regard to how it affects them in the “now”.

Sensors are practical and sensible people, keeping the focus on the job in hand. This makes them excellent “doers”

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Sensors can also be creative and imaginative when applying these traits to a job in hand.

Sensors need to watch their tendency to be overly practical in everything as they may miss an opportunity to create a smarter solution by avoiding over thinking.

If you want a job doing and doing well call on your sensor!

In conclusion, we are all fabulous! Intuitives and Sensors working together are a force to be reckoned with!

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Hopefully, if you have identified either of these two letters as your second letter, you will now be making some sense of your personality type!

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