Life will resume after this quick message…

Hello fellow Earth Dwellers…

Today, I ask you to celebrate the fact that we have all been celestially chosen to inhabit this place.

In the words of the Great Purple One Himself…

“We are gathered here today to get through this thing called life. Electric word life, it means forever and that’s a mighty long time”


And although it may seem like a long time, especially if you are a young adult with your whole life ahead of you, it really isn’t that long…he should know

So take a couple of moments today to give thanks for YOU

You are loved

You are special

You are worthy

And as an added extra, I am personally sending you a cyber hug of love…Human to human

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Keep on keeping on and share the love today – but first of all with yourself

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Tap, tap, tap…

Thank you for reading xx


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2 thoughts on “Life will resume after this quick message…

  1. Good stuff Sarah. There’s one thing that’s a problem about young adults changing the world. The adult people in charge of ruining the planet at the moment were all once young adults what happened to them? What makes them change?
    Is that too simplistic?

    1. Of course there are good and bad people of all ages. I like to think that (most) people do things for good reasons. I think a healthy mix is what’s needed. The best of all of us.

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