52 – 48% Do the Pumpkins have it?

Double Double Toil and Trouble; Fire burn and Cauldron Bubble

William Shakespeare

What does Halloween conjure up for you?

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For me? A happy memory of my Son and his friends dressing up and knocking on neighbours’ doors as we parents held a dutiful distance and drank wine from plastic cups.

For some, a blasphemous time where Evil lurks and danger is threatened to all mankind.

Is Halloween just another over-done, plastic, sticky waste of time or is it another day which encourages us to come together in some way?

At work this week, one of my young adults was distraught that her mother would not allow her to attend a trick or treat party at her friend’s house. I asked her why her mother had said no. She told me that her mother believed that Halloween was a form of worshipping the Devil. Having had a nasty experience herself with a Ouija board, this mum was taking no chances.

“And what does Halloween mean to you?” I asked her

“A chance to dress up in funny outfits and get free sweets” She chimed

I’m sure if we asked everyone, we would get something like a 48% vs. 52%

And should we banish Halloween or Stay with it?

Or are there more important things to worry about? …

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