Is Life in the Way?

When life gets in the way, what does it get in the way of?

Does life get in the way of…Life?

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At the moment my life feels like it’s getting in the way. There’s lots to think about and lots to do. Of course, as an introvert, the lots to think about bit sometimes gets in the way of the lots to do bit. And so, procrastination takes over and fills any tiny little space with reasons why I shouldn’t start this or that yet as I’m way too busy!

I could go into detail but I’d lose you at “…and then there’s that picture I want to frame!”

I’m also really bad at taking my own advice!!

So, if I were listening to this tale of woe, what would I suggest? I normally say some of the following…

Go with the flow!

Give your brain a rest!

Write down what you have to do, pick one thing and just do it. Then, cross it off your list!

I was talking to one of the amazing young people that I work with the other day and she truly inspired me. Also an INFJ, she, like me, loves to write. She, like me, procrastinates and thinks she’s not good enough. She, unlike me, also has GCSE’s coming up in weeks. She, also unlike me, came up with a solution!

She has decided that setting herself the task of writing a novel feels way too big. “Why write a novel when I can sleep” she told me.

She has let go of the pressure of what she wants to do, she has set herself the task of one hour of revision per night. once she has completed this, as a treat; she can write for one hour.

She’s half way through her novel!!!

She’s moved life out of the way to make space for living!!!

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3 thoughts on “Is Life in the Way?

  1. Whatever it is that makes life get in the way of life, life either tells you that may be you need to look a bit closer at life as it is showing signs of being ignored and nobody likes to be ignored, and life certainly does not. Or life tells you that to fill life without spilling most of what you want to fill it with, it is better to fill it slowly, with a teaspoon rather than a ladle, so that life can chew, taste, and finally swallow and digest. Then life can rest and will be ready to open its mouth when the next teaspoon is being offered. No spillage, no waste, life is satisfied, re-energised. xxx

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