You’ve been Framed

As an INFJ, I have a never-ending need to learn. I satisfy this by constantly listening to others, mostly the amazing young adults I work with from whom I learn the most.

Professionally, however, I can usually credit little nuggets of wonder in my practice to my clinical supervisor who also is always teaching me and helping me to keep a student’s mind.

In our latest session, we talked about re-framing.

I often encourage my clients to accept that whist they cannot change certain things, they can change how they choose to react to them.

This is basically Re-framing  (check out a far more professional way of putting it here) but it always feels a bit of a mouthful and difficult to explain.

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Until!!!!! The amazing Carla told me how she does it…

Let’s imagine your problem is in picture format

You may not like the picture, you’re tired of looking at it and it makes you sad, angry etc.

Imagine taking the picture out of its existing frame and placing it in a new one…

The new frame can be anything YOU choose

YOU have control over the way the picture looks

YOU can change how the picture looks

It may always be the same picture inside but you can change the overall look of it by adding a new frame!

Easy Peasy!

So I say this to Carla…

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Can’t wait to use it!

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