Fear of Failure or Success?

We talk often about fear of failure and how this can stop us from moving forward, taking risks or even trying in the first place.

But what if what we really fear is success?

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Why do we overthink our next move?

Why do we place roadblocks in the way of our next move?

Could it be that we are scared that we may actually succeed?

For a long time, we have talked about facing our fears and doing it anyway and there have been many successful books written about how to achieve our dreams and goals.

Recently, I wrote a tender submission for a substantial amount of money. The Tender is to provide mental health services to children and young adults. I turned the requirements of the Tender on it’s head and wrote a bid for what I believe is really needed.

I felt empowered by my bid as in the back of my mind, I knew it would more than likely fall at the first hurdle. Then I was brought rather swiftly back to earth when my husband asked me

“What will you do if they accept your bid?”

After some laughing and dismissal, I decided to think about it and fear overtook me! Anxiety started in the pit of my stomach and rose through my body, coming to rest in my burning cheeks.

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Why am I afraid? What is it that I’m afraid of?

For me, it was a fear of failing at success!! What if I won the bid and then couldn’t do the job or didn’t do it well enough?

Then it was a fear of change. My life would change, I would have more work, I’d be busier… scary

It made me stop and think about the young adults I strive to support to achieve. They are encouraged very day by the amazing educators and support staff in schools.

Often I challenge a fear of failure which is debilitating a Year 11 or Year 13.

But what if I challenged their fear of success? 

What are you scared of? When you are taking your final breaths, what will you wish you hadn’t been afraid of?

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