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As we yawn snivel and cough our way through January and Christmas is a distant memory we have the amazing opportunity to look forward with thanks and appreciation.

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I can personally resonate with this. Today is my son’s 22nd Birthday, a happy day and a day where for some reason every year (it must be a mum thing) I am taken back to the day when he came into our World. A day for me to look at him and remember how proud I am of the young man he has become.

Its been a little harder for me this year as we suffered the loss of my mother in law just before Christmas and this week my Nan passed away. Added to this, our beloved dog, Gypsy is battling with a liver tumour.

So, how do we find it within ourselves to move forward with excitement and an inquisitive mind?

Many of my young adults have had a tough time over Christmas and have found comfort in being back in the school environment. For them, its been difficult to muster the enthusiasm needed to face a new year when they haven’t seen a great year before it.

Here are some handy tips for bringing a little bit of hope into our lives for a while…

1.Give thanks

Take a few minutes to write 5 things you are thankful for. For each person this will be different and no matter how small its still significant. Here are mine…

5 things to be thankful for

2. Allow time for thoughts to flow

Good AND Bad. All too often in life, we run away from thoughts or feelings that feel difficult. It’s no surprise that they don’t go away but they stay and fester, causing dis-ease which can be emotional or even physical.

Find a quiet spot and allow yourself up to 15 minutes where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breath for a minute or so.

Let the thoughts come and just… think them, good or bad

Instead of making a judgement on them, try and see where in your body you experience them.

Locate the physical sensation and experience it fully.

Try and link the feeling to the thought and get to know it. This will help you to be with the feeling rather than working against it.

Note how you feel.

3. Set a goal

It could be one day, one week, one month, one year ahead.

The goal could be as large as a career change or as small as saving for a treat.

Plot a plan and work towards it in small steps.

Setting a goal can help you to look forward to the future rather than focusing on the past.

I wish you all a happy healthy 2019

My goal is to cuddle my beautiful pooch every day…


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