Where is Your Boat Heading?

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Aside from being a groovy tune, “Stuck in the Middle with You” has been an annoying ear worm for most of my afternoon. The source, however was somewhat of a revelation for me.

You see, I have been trying to think of something, anything to write that may be of use here on my blog for the last few days. Of course, my day job provides me with endless ideas and information and is nearly always the inspiration for what I talk about. This week, however, I just couldn’t get my brain to get into gear.

It was starting to frustrate me

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Then I received an email. It was from the amazingly inspirational and totally lovely yogi Adrienne Mishler. I subscribe to her You Tube Yoga channel and she sends lovely emails each week which try to remind us that we are all pretty fab just for being human.

This week’s message was all about being in the same “boat”.

We’re all in the same “boat” of life.

Sometimes, we may find ourselves being stuck in the boat we call life.

STUCK! That’s me! Eureka! From realising I was stuck, I became unstuck.

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It led me to think about how our young adults might feel when they are stuck in their own boat of life. Sometimes it might be pretty miserable, and they could feel like there is no escape.

We, as adults can use our experience to help them to understand that the boat will become unstuck and the waves will again take it onto the next section of its journey.

I often refer to the timeline tool and this is a good time to use it. The timeline can easily demonstrate that life changes and continues to move with forward momentum.

Take time to remind the young adults in your life, and maybe yourself that whether the boat is stuck or moving, we are all in it together.

You may also want to add that, sometimes, being stuck is a good thing!

Happy Sailing!

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