Where have all the Spice Girls Gone?

Are females still facing sexual exploitation in 2018??? Yes, unfortunately, they are  not only exposed to it but accepting of it…

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I was left very perturbed last week following a session with one of my young adults. A 14 year old female, she was talking to me about body image and how she compared herself to other girls in her peer group.

Although I was not surprised by this (although, I know we should be!), what she then went on to say left me aghast with disbelief and sitting on my hands to try and restrain myself from getting on my soap box.

“Well, I suppose I should be happy, at least I got rated”

What? What does “Rated” mean? I needed to know and knew I wasn’t going to like the answer.

For those of us who (thank heavens) don’t know, this is a process whereby the boys choose say, 5 girls to “rate” out of 10. Yes, I did just say that…I know, calm down (sit on your hands it sort of worked for me!)

Trying to squeeze one last drop of humanity out of the situation, I tentatively asked what the criteria was for the score… intelligence? funny? nice to be around? strong?

“No, its how good looking you are and how nice your figure is”

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Before I realised what was coming out of my mouth, I was asking her if she knew what the #metoo movement was all about. She nodded and shrugged her shoulders,

“It’s just what goes on though”

Ok, I know we can’t change things overnight but I personally was really shocked that with all the positive female role models out there, we are STILL drawn to pretty, tiny waisted, big boobed visions of perfection and we are STILL comparing ourselves to them and wanting to look like them.

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Please! I urge you all to talk positively to the young ladies that you come into contact with and ask them to embrace their inside qualities rather than their outside view at every opportunity.

Most importantly, lead by example! Be proud of who you are, man or woman and how you impact your World.

If you’re in any doubt about what our young girls are exposed to, go to Google and type “Girls” in the search bar and go to images.

When the Spice Girls kicked and screamed their way into our lives in 1994 they didn’t care what anyone thought of them. They embraced their inner “Spice” and Spiced up the World. Always leading with their Spice Name, whether Ginger, Posh, Baby, Scary or Sporty; they encouraged women everywhere to be proud of who they were, just for the hell of it! and they NEVER allowed boys to get in the way.

Warning…really cool song links alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, if you Wannabe more Spicy, you need to Stop allowing other people to define you and Holler your unique Spice name from the rooftops! Ask those silly boys Who do you think you are? and Spice up your life

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