Mapping for the Mind – Quick Solutions for Teens

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I thought I’d share with you a quick tip I often use for helping with young adults when they are feeling overwhelmed.

I ask them to create a mind map of themselves and plot all the things that are worrying them. Check out my mind map as an example…

mind map 1

To each subject, add a little detail (3 or 4 words)

Get a different coloured pen and work through each point in turn.


1. Can I do anything about it?

2. Is it true?

Often, we catastrophise our thoughts and end up thinking things that just aren’t true. This can get messy. Check out my amended mind map here…

mind map 2

I decided that red was to signify things that I could do something about, green was just not true and this left me with three things to think about. This was my mental process…


Procrastinating is within my control. I decided that I would commit to writing 200 words per day and no more for one week. This way it also cancels out not doing enough as I am taking action.

I AM good enough so I SHOULD bother, those comments just aren’t true. Strike!


I can structure my time better so I am not so busy. I’ve decided not to bring paperwork to work with me as I never get time to do it and I just stare at it, feeling guilty. I’ve decided to spend 20 mins per day when I get home from work catching up.

Pressure, I decided was a good thing for me. Pressure to do a good job, the best job I can, means I am driven to do well, and I AM good enough.


I can walk the dogs more as I enjoy this, and I’ve asked my husband to help with cleaning the house (he’s better at it than me anyway!!)

I can’t do much about having to cook the tea every night but we generally have a takeaway once a week so I will look forward to that, it doesn’t mean I’m lazy.


I was poorly recently and couldn’t train as much, then I pulled a calf muscle and had to rest for a couple of weeks. I’m still running 5k 3 times per week so am actually on track for my 10k in December…I CAN DO IT!!!

Try it yourself! Let me know how you get on.

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Happy mapping!

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