What label are you wearing today?

If there’s one thing I can’t abide, it’s labelling!

We all do it, I do it. It seems to be part of our DNA in fact it arises from our need to identify similarities amongst our species so that we can make connections.

Often it has the opposite effect…

He’s gay

She’s got an eating disorder

They’re weird

We also label ourselves and I see this every day with young adults.

I’ve got anger issues

I’ve got anxiety

I’m depressed

I’ve got identity issues


Young adults are often told this by parents, medical professionals and society. Some wear their “issue” like a medal of honour, others see it as a ball and chain.

I have a solution…take it off! Give it back!

You are YOU sometimes at certain points in your life you will experience issues of every kind.

You can choose to collect your neck adornments and end up being weighed down by them, or you can give them back, dump them, drop them.

Give it a go … feel lighter

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