I need your help, you need my help?

The “write” words at the right time!

Over the years, I’ve started blog sites and closed them down again, fearing that no one was interested. On a recent trip, I had the huge privilege of meeting someone who made a couple of comments that totally changed my thinking.

You see, I had been aiming at the wrong audience. I was trying to bring my World into the World of others who just didn’t really care much. Friends and family would humour me with the odd “share” or “like” but beyond that, I felt that my words were evaporating into the great blog graveyard.

I had been speaking to this wise person about my writing and was telling him about some stories that I had written based on my experiences of working with young adults. I was proud of the book, but didn’t know who would be interested in reading it.

“Who’s your audience?” he asked innocently. Well not entirely innocently, you see he is a graphic designer of books and works with editors and publishers all the time!

I couldn’t really answer his question except to say that I wanted people to know about the amazing resilience of young people today in the face of adversity.

“You need an audience!” He said. “It’s no use putting your work out there if it’s not relevant”.

After a “coaching session” we determined that actually, I wanted to share my knowledge on more platforms and, well, this is a start.

I’m going to try and write about some of the experiences I have and also how I work with young adults. I’m looking for your help and I want to work interactively with you so please tell me what you want to learn about or share what you already know!

To letting the info flow!

Please comment here or contact me and if you like what you see, please feel free to share the love with others.


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