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Well, it’s a bit like me. This means it’s eclectic, a little weird and not what you would expect but always striving to be good and kind and teach; and of course, learn where possible. To get to know me more, check out my blogs which are a rich mix of observation and years of practicing as a counsellor, and contain lots of helpful hints, tips and advice. Please also support my YouTube Channel by Subscribing for video hints tips and musings…

As well as counselling, my other passion is Personality Types and how they affect our lives and interactions with others. I’m currently developing this area of my website so look out for more!! In the meantime…Why don’t you take the test to find out your type? I’d love to hear from you

If you need help on a more intimate basis, check out my counselling packages.

I also offer colleague training which utilises my unique skill set and delivers a fresh approach to Team Work, using each member’s special superpowers!

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